Monday, July 7, 2014

Thania Is with Jesus

1939874_10204446262942605_6287394924302651061_nWe lost our little Thania yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected, and all of us are reeling and broken.

She woke up yesterday morning with what I assumed was a chest cold. We have had one going through our home, so none of us were surprised. She had a cough and a rasp in her breathing, but it was not severe at all. So Carissa stayed home from church with Thania, Angelita, and Christian, who were also suffering from the same illness.

As I was driving home from church I received a call from Carissa. She had grown concerned because her breathing was labored. To make it easier for her to breath, she had removed Thania’s NG tube. I was almost home and arrived a few minutes later. We quickly decided to transport her to the hospital, so Carissa, Jeremiah, Thania and I loaded up in my truck, backed out of the courtyard and started driving. About 50 yards up the street Carissa yelled that she had stopped breathing, so I stopped and moved to the back seat and began CPR while Carissa and Jeremiah contacted the bomberos (paramedics). I did CPR until they arrived and then continued it in the ambulance all the way to the hospital. I did everything I knew to do, but could not save her.

We rejoice that Thania is whole. We know she is safe in Jesus’ arms. She now runs, jumps and plays, and we are happy for her. But we are struggling on this side of the story. Our pain is great, and I feel responsible. I missed the fact that it was something serious. I thought it was another cold or virus like so many that go through our home. And now I wonder if there were other signs that I missed. Regardless, our home is one more child emptier and our hearts are breaking.

We are going this morning to collect her body from the coroner. Her biological family has requested that she be buried near them in Jutiapa. They have no money, so we are going to pay for the funeral expenses. We hope to have a service for her here before we transport her to her family.

Thank for your prayers. I cannot remember a time in which we have needed them more.

Daryl, Wanda and Family